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Lisa Kay tells us about Sole Bliss Shoes for Bunions

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Why did you develop Sole Bliss?

I have been in the footwear and accessory business for more than 30 years and this has made me incredibly aware of just how many women there are (more than 10 million in the UK alone) who suffer from bunions and who struggle to find comfortable shoes which accommodate their bunions, yet are really stylish too.

It took 5 years of research and development, using hundreds of bunion suffering women to test all my prototypes before I finally launched Sole Bliss! Everyone’s feet are different, but the common request from all the women I met was to have space for their bunions at the front of their shoes as well as having their feet fit neatly at the back of their shoes too. So many women were accustomed to buying bigger shoe sizes just to accommodate their bunions, that their shoes often slipped at the back - they certainly never dreamt they could wear sling-backs or heels!

My thought process was simply – why don’t I design shoes that enable women to wear the same stylish, fashionable shoes that non-bunioned females can enjoy?!

Why are Sole Bliss Shoes different?

Sole Bliss shoes have been specifically designed to accommodate bunions. They are elegant, yet deep and spacious at the front. (In fact, they have an equivalent circumference up to 3 sizes bigger than a usual shoe size around the bunion area, whilst still fitting the foot neatly at the back of the shoe.)

Inside every pair, the patent-pending ‘Juanet Technology’® provides:

  • the ‘bunion bed’® - an invisible stretch panel to comfort and support the bunion area

  • 3 distinct underfoot layers of high quality, anti-bacterial, memory foam to cushion, contour and protect the foot

  • the ‘kuki’- a memory foam pad to prevent the foot pronating

Luxuriously lined with super-soft, pale-pink leather lining, they are made from the finest suedes, leathers and Italian fabrics. All styles come in half sizes for the perfect fit and matching bags are available for occasion wear.

Why have you decided to work with Doctor Dawn as your brand ambassador?

Doctor Dawn has been a customer of Sole Bliss since its launch and it felt logical (and delightful!) to have her as our brand ambassador. With her wealth of knowledge as an eminent GP and her ability to simplify and communicate complex health issues as a tv presenter and media doctor, I feel that Dawn is a perfect partner for us. She is a bunion sufferer herself and truly appreciates the value of our shoes!

Sole Bliss, Stylish Shoes for Bunions:

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